133rd MSG

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133rd Marine Stike Group, Assigned to USS Columbia

133rd Marine Strike Group

This is the contingent from the SFMC which is assigned to USS Columbia.

The 133rd Arch-Angels is an Aero-Mobile Infantry unit. The command has an Infantry Company as well as an organic Aero-Space Squadron. The best thing to compare the Aero-Mobile Infantry to is the 20th Century Earth’s Air Cavalry. The 133rd currently has many positions open for eager members to join. For information please contact the MSG Officer-In-Charge(Lt. Colonel Aaron Arden)  to get added to the roster.

The Main website for the StarFleet Marine Corps: http://www.sfi-sfmc.org/portal/

The Main website for the StarFleet Marine Corps Academy:http://sfmca.sfi-sfmc.org/portal/



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