Which Department should I choose?

Its highly recommended that as Cadets you train in all four Departments. That way you can experience what they have to offer and what bests fits your personality and skills.

All departments have unique roles they play and have strengths and weaknesses. So it would be wise to choose the department that best fits what you want in your roleplay experience.

Ask yourself ... What have I liked to do in SL or any other game that you have played ...

*Do you like to run around and shoot things? Do you enjoy structure and the military way of life? Is your personality aggressive? Then SECURITY would be a good fit for you.

*Do you like to help people? Your more of a gentle and caring personality. Your not too enthusiastic on rank and position? Then MEDICAL would be great for you.

*Have you built in SL, love to create and enjoy seeing the fruitage of your labor? You love building cities and seeing things stay in good working order? Then ENGINEERING is for you.

*Do you have a curious mind? Love to experiment and watch things grow. Is your mind asking why? Does the universe and the mysteries it holds facinate you? Then SCIENCE is the place to be.

IMPORTANT!: As with all endeavors in life, personality can play a big factor in your success or failure. Take your time and see if the personalities in any given department blends well with yours. If your experience in training is either pleasant or unpleasant, this be a good indicator whether you should join that department or not

Click on the Department Icons to go to their dedicated page and see what they are all about! Good Luck and choose wisely :)