Shelly Quinn

Chief of Engineering/Operations


On any space structure, engineers were responsible for maintaining and repairing all the systems on starships, space station, and other related equipment. They often did most of the "grunt work" that was involved in keeping a ship or space station up and running. Engineering officers were generally assigned tasks that included maintaining and/or improving the performance of the warp drive, ship's database, computer processors and circuitry, holographic emitters, tractor beams, transporter components, observational equipment (such as sensors, probes, and satellites), weaponry systems, deflector array, hull plating, life support, shields and alternative defense systems, and many other crucial parts of a ship's anatomy. They were expected to tackle all the problems that drained the ship's resources or lowered its efficiency.

On a Starfleet vessel of any kind, the chain of command in the engineering department tended to be simple with smaller teams broken apart from the whole. A chief engineer lead the entire engineering team, often delegating tasks to smaller teams formed within the whole. Because the operations of a starship, starbase, or space station were so complex, the engineering department ran routine maintenance on all ship systems. Tests were performed regularly through main engineering, which was the hub of activity for the entire department. From main engineering, all ship functions could be monitored and checked for any abnormalities.


Percy Fawcett

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Tim Perfect

Bella Deadlow

Agent "Moneypenny"

Bella Deadlow

Agent "Moneypenny"

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