T'Nei Cash

Chief Medical Officer


Starfleet Medical is the medical branch of Starfleet dedicated to biological research and treatment of its personnel. Based out of San Francisco on Earth, Starfleet Medical oversaw all Starfleet medical personnel and facilities.

Starfleet Medical is equipped with many diagnostic and treatment wards which contain some of the most advanced medical technologies in the Federation. Medical also has a number of long-term facilities which were available for seriously ill patients.


It is also responsible for all medical research activities in the Federation. Researchers are required to obtain approval from Starfleet Medical before proceeding with new treatments and medications. A lot of research is also conducted "in-house", where a number of researchers are assigned to work on developing various vaccines and treatments. 

Starfleet Medical also maintains the largest database of medical information available to Starfleet personnel. 

Starfleet Medical was also responsible for sending out medical relief teams to the more primitive friendly planets that were encountered by Starfleet. The teams would attempt to teach the natives about Federation medical techniques and how to improve their lives.



Joanna Cash

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